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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr LIVE: Stream, latest updates, results and how to watch online

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

“Not a real fight? We got Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones,” Tyson said Thursday in an online press conference. “I’m coming to fight, and I hope he’s coming to fight, and that’s all you need to know.”

“Who goes in the ring with the great, legendary Mike Tyson and thinks it’s an exhibition?” Jones said. “Twelve-ounce gloves? No headgear? Really? This is an exhibition? Come on, bruh. Be real.”

  • Eight rounds at two minutes each
  • No head gear required
  • Both fighters will wear 12 ounce gloves (usually 10 ounce)
  • Winner will be declared
  • Both men will be awarded belts
  • Both fighters used VADA ahead of fight
  • Both fighters required to pass thorough medical checks in order to be cleared to fight


Logan Paul defends his brother

Logan, who lost to KSI one year ago, responded to his tweeted after Jake’s fight.

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:37


Snoop Dogg performs

Before the big one, we go to Snoop Dogg, who has been commentating and is now performing some of his best hits. Who can complain about that?

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:32


Roy Jones Jr speaking backstage to Jim Gray

“This is Mike Tyson, who can take you out with one punch. You have to go out there and beat him, avoid that one punch. This is boxing, I have to make sure I avoid the punches.”

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:29


Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:24


KSI responds to Jake Paul’s win

He wasn’t too impressed…

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:21


Jake Paul beats Nate Robinson

Inside two rounds, Jake Paul, YouTube sensation, knocked out Nate Robinson.

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:18


Jake Paul talks post fight

“There’s a long list of opponents I want. Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis, I’m going to knock them both out.” 

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:15


Nate Robinson gets back to his feet

After what looked a worrying scene for a moment, Robinson has managed to get back to his feet.

A huge overhand right from Paul dropped the former NBA star, who should never have been in the ring in the first place.

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:09


Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:08


Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson: Round one, 10-8 Paul

A quite frankly bizarre first round.  Robinson just sprinting at Paul constantly and clinching, not really boxing. The only significant moment almost out of nowhere, with Robinson being  caught by a counter right hand to the back of the head and the referee almost giving him too much time to continue. 

It counts as a knockdown  and the round is scored 10-8 Paul.

Adam Hamdani29 November 2020 04:05