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Which lockdown tier am I in? How to check Covid alert level in your area OLD

The government has announced regional allocations for the stricter three-tier system of local lockdown measures for England to help control the spread of coronavirus.  

When lockdown lifts on 2 December, different parts of the country will once again be split into “medium” (tier 1), “high” (tier 2), or “very high” (tier 3), local coronavirus alert areas, with respective sets of rules depending on the category.

Matt Hancock confirmed the news during an appearance in the House of Commons on Thursday. 

Boris Johnson previously said that when England does return to a regional approach, restrictions will be tougher across all three tiers.

“Without sensible precautions, we would risk the virus escalating into a winter or new year surge,” said Mr Johnson. “While the previous tiers did cut the R-number they were not quite enough to cut it below one.”

So how do you know which tier your area comes under? 

How does a three-tier lockdown work?

The three alert levels will span from the minimum level of restrictions applicable to all of England, including the rule of six and 11pm hospitality curfews, to the most strict measures reserved for the highest level.

Medium Tier (1)–  People are expected to follow basic restrictions that are in place across the country, such as the rule of six, an 11pm hospitality curfew and social distancing.

High Tier (2)– All of the rules for medium tier, plus households are banned from mixing indoors but can still mix outside as long as there are six people or fewer.

Click here for the full list of restrictions in each tier.

How will I know what tier my local area falls under?

London and Liverpool have been placed in tier 2, while Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham will go into tier 3.

If you want to find out what tier your local area falls under there are a number of ways you can check.

There is a postcode search available on the government website, while the NHS Covid 19 app will show which local alert level applies in which area.

You could also refer to a full list of which areas have been allocated to which tiers here.

The government is also providing additional guidance to those who are for clinically, extremely vulnerable.