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How not to reconcile voters on either side of the Brexit debate

Dr Arthur Smith’s letter this week (“Rightfully returned”) is a perfect illustration of how not to reconcile those who voted Leave and those who voted Remain.

It’s now 11 months since the UK left the EU. Many informed commentators have pointed out issues which need to be addressed as a result – and in many cases, have not been. This is not the result of “pro-EU brainwashing”, but of a need to address practical real world issues which this Government has persistently tried to sweep under the carpet. 

Rather than accusing the “diehard Remain lobby” of “continuing to whinge four and a half years after the democratic vote”, Dr Smith might want to ask himself why opinion polls show that 50 per cent of the UK population now believe the 2016 vote was a mistake.

South Warnborough

Points for consistency

Keir Starmer should gain what credit he can for consistency: in 1971 Harold Wilson imposed a three-line whip opposing entry to the EEC and now Sir Keir has imposed a three-line whip in support of a deal to leave the EU

Dr John Doherty


For publication

Now that Brexit is done will Boris release the alternative pro-Remain article he chose to remain unpublished?

Trevor Lyttleton

Spending priorities

The Tory party should listen to the overwhelming majority. We don’t want our taxes spent on foreign aid any more. Certainly not when our country is borrowing money. It’s an absolute disgrace.

Covid-19 needs

In your report headed ‘Independent Sage calls for third national lockdown’  you quote a government spokesperson as saying:

The people at greatest risk and in greatest need of protection are all too obviously the frontline health and care workers, not the elderly (and I speak as one of the latter).  

The elderly have demonstrated that we can self-isolate successfully, frontline health and care workers by definition cannot.

It is yet another short-sighted failure of government policy not to have insisted that the roll-out of the vaccine must start with our health and care workers.

D Maughan Brown

Please lockdown the whole of the UK now, before it is too late to save the NHS and save lives.

Brenda Quilter

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