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Squad member Cori Bush brands Trump ‘white supremacist-in-chief’ as she calls for removal

Squad member Cori Bush branded Donald Trump the ‘white supremacist-in-chief’ as she called for his removal from office.

“If we fail to remove a white supremacist president, who incited a white supremacist insurrection, it’s communities like Missouri’s 1st District that suffer the most,” she said.

“The 117th Congress must understand that we have a mandate to legislate in defence of Black lives.

“The first step in that process is to root out white supremacy starting with impeaching the white supremacist-in-chief.”

Ms Bush is the first Black representative from Missouri and before entering politics was a prominent Black Lives Matter activist and community organiser.

She won office on 3 November after pulling of an upset in the Democratic primary months before the election.

A string of Republicans then went on to compare the Trump riot to Black Lives Matter protests that took place last year.

“You don’t understand why they were here. They are scared to death we are going to go back to the days without Donald Trump, of hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border each month,” he said.

“They are scared to death nobody is going to keep our manufacturing here, they are scared to death nobody is going to fight the cancel culture as we head towards an era when some things cannot be said, they are scared to death that the majority party got here by teaming up with Black Lives Matter, founded by Marxists.”

Republican Representative Lance Gooden then took a baseless swipe at Democrats.

“I also want to thank my Democratic colleagues for finally joining Republicans in condemning mob violence after six months of refusing to acknowledge it.,” he said.