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UK weather: ‘Danger to life’ warning issued as parts of England face torrential rain and floods

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for heavy rain and flooding in parts of the north and east of England that could pose a “danger to life”.

Torrential downpours as well as melting snow across the hills is “likely” to lead to flooding, causing damage to some buildings and disruption to travel.

There is also a “good chance” that some communities may be cut off by flooded roads, and power cuts will occur, said the Met Office.

The severe weather warning begins on Tuesday and will last for three days until Thursday. It previously only covered central northern England, including an area around Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, but has been extended southeastwards.

Up to 120mm of rain may fall in parts of the southern Pennines and northern Peak District, and between 40 to 70mm of rain expectedly widely across the whole area covered by the amber warning.