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Kelly vs Avanesyan – LIVE: Stream, undercard and how to watch online and on TV

David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly
David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly returns to the ring for his long-awaited fight with David Avanesyan for the European welterweight title at Wembley Arena.

Kelly maintains all signs point towards a breakout performance and victory against the man who has two big wins over Kerman Lejarraga and experience in defeat with top-level fighters Lamont Peterson and Egidijus Kavaliauskas: “I’ve stepped up to levels that I couldn’t even imagine I could do in the gym. I thought last time I was ready, but Covid came and it got cancelled. I was nowhere near ready compared to what I am now. All I need to do is go and put a show on on Saturday. I believe that I’m a big Welterweight, and I’m strong. I’m a very strong Welterweight.”

Follow live round-by-round updates from the main event, plus undercard results and build-up throughout the evening


Avanesyan vs Kelly: Round 1

Tidy opener for Kelly, who looks huge in there compared to Avanesyan.

He looks relaxed and pivots nicely, throwing plenty too.

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:40

Avanesyan vs Kelly

Here we go, the fighters are in the ring!

David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly
David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly
Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:34

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:19

Benn reacts to Marku

“I don’t blame him, he’s got to push on at 28, he got bullied around by a light welterweight.

“I’ve beaten undefeated kids.

“You can’t blame him, but “coward”? Don’t be silly.

“You have to take it with a pinch of salt. I’ve been called out tonnes in my career.

“You’ve got to laugh at it.”

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:18

Marku calls out Benn

“I said, ‘come here!’ I start proving myself. Fighting the best.

“Conor will never fight me. I’m undefeated and he’ll never take me.”

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:17

Marku vs Charlton: Round 8

Charlton out with a jab, Marku danced to the perimeter of the ring.

Marku plants his feet and Charlton wriggles free, he looked in some bother but he’s made distance again.

Charlton now stalking Marku.

The towel comes in! Marku with the stoppage win over Charlton and he immediately calls Conor Benn out, who is up high in the Sky Sports studio.

Marku labels him a ‘coward’.

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:09

Marku vs Charlton: Round 6

Charlton drops Marku! Out of nowhere!

Huge left hook caught Marku in the corner, he survives the round, but we have life in this fight with four rounds remaining.

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 22:01

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 21:59

Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton
Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton
Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton
Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton
Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton
Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton
Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 21:58

Marku vs Charlton: Round 4

Charlton like a bull coming forward, Marku happy to dance around the ring.

The body shots are landing from Charlton, that’s where he’s having the most success.

A big right from Marku and Charlton is all over the place. The bell saves him!

Jack Rathborn20 February 2021 21:54

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