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Mother-of-three says her sons were expelled from Catholic school because of her OnlyFans account

A mother who uses OnlyFans has spoken out after her three sons were reportedly expelled from their Catholic school over her presence on the adult platform.

According to Crystal Jackson, from California, she created an OnlyFans account in 2019 as a way to spice up her relationship with her husband Chris Jackson.

However, according to the mother-of-three, who goes by Tiffany Poindexter, or Mrs Poindexter, on the app, where she told People she makes more than $150,000 a month, her pictures were eventually leaked to Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento, where her children went to school.

After her photos were sent to the school’s principal, Theresa Sparks, Jackson told KCRA that she received an email informing her that her children were no longer allowed at the Catholic school.

According to Jackson, the expulsion came after an issue with her OnlyFans first arose in July, when a fellow parent from the school found her account and shared it with his wife.

From there, the mother-of-three claimed that a group of parents from the community took it upon themselves to advocate for her children to be expelled from the school, with the fellow parents reportedly sending photos from Jackson’s OnlyFans to the principal, bishop and church.

“Their whole strategy from day one was: ‘I’m gonna take you down,’” she recalled to People. “It was gut-wrenching, having them send my photos to school saying: ‘This is disgusting and this is gross.’”

“My kids are really good and all this is doing is hurting them,” the 44-year-old told People. “Take me down, that’s fine, but leave my kids out of this.”

Jackson also defended her presence on the site, explaining to the outlet that the photos she and her husband post have ultimately strengthened their bond.

“It has made our relationship so much more better in the intimacy part and the bond of our marriage has gotten stronger,” she said.

As for where the couple’s children will attend school now, Jackson said that she had hoped they could continue going to Catholic school, although she doesn’t “see that happening”.

In a statement to KCRA, Sparks declined to discuss the situation, telling the outlet: “We cannot discuss the status or circumstances of any member of our school or parish community.”

The Independent has contacted Sacred Heart Parish School and Jackson for comment.