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Trump CPAC speech – live: Ex-president says he won’t start new party and says Biden behind flood of immigrants

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) enters its fourth day on Sunday with attendees gearing up for the culmination when it is rumoured Donald Trump could announce a 2024 presidential run.

During his speech, the former US leader is expected to declare himself the future of the GOP, according to Reuters.

“I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we began together four years ago is far from over,” Mr Trump is expected to say in an excerpt of his speech published by the press agency.

Speaking at CPAC on Sunday, former Trump economic adviser and news commentator Larry Kudlow already hailed the former president as “the boss” of the party.

President Joe Biden has said he will not be paying attention to his predecessor’s speech in Orlando, Florida.


Trump says Biden is “anti-energy” and then complains about immigration policy

Donald Trump falsely claims Joe Biden wants to put workers out of business, claiming he wants “windmills.” Mr Trump then said windmills “don’t work when you need them,” likely a reference to a debunked right-wing talking point about windmill’s being the cause of the massive power outages in Texas during Winter Storm Uri that left millions without heat during single degree temperatures. The former president then discussed his border wall and accused Mr Biden of “triggering a massive flood of illegal immigration into our country.” That claim is unsupported by data.

Graig Graziosi28 February 2021 22:00

Donald Trump began his first public address since leaving office by saying his time with the conservative movement was “far from over.”Mr Trump said told supporters at CPAC that the “journey was far from over” in his opening remarks at the conference.

Mr Trump then decried “radical Democrats” the “fake news media” and “cancel culture.”He then said definitively that he would not be starting a new party.

‘There’s never been a journey so successful’ says Trump after election loss
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Trump arrives to CPAC an hour late to rapturous applause

After arriving more than an hour late, Donald Trump stepped back into the political world to give his first public address since leaving office at CPAC.

Mr Trump was greeted with rapturous applause and a standing ovation from the audience.

The former president is expected to discuss Republican pathways for retaking the House of Representatives in 2022 and to attack his critics in the Republican party and to deride Joe Biden.

It is unlikely Mr Trump will announce whether or not he will run for president again in 2024 during his address.

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Donald Trump running late to CPAC speech, expected now to speak at 4:55

Donald Trump appears to be running late to his first public appearance since leaving office. Mr Trump is scheduled as the headline speaker during the last day of CPAC. He was scheduled to speak at 3:40pm EST, but has yet to appear.

According to those familiar with Mr Trump’s plans, the former president may be speaking for two hours, and is now expected to arrive around 4:55pm EST.

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Watch Donald Trump’s CPAC speech live

Watch former President Donald Trump’s first public address since leaving office live at The Independent via Independent TV.

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CPAC straw poll suggests 7 out of 10 respondents want Trump to run again in 2024

According to the poll, which measured responses of CPAC attendees, 55 per cent of respondents selected Mr Trump as their preferred candidate from a list of potential 2024 candidates. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second at 21 per cent. CPAC was held this year at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida.

Mr Trump also received a 97 per cent approval rating from the respondents. Mr McLaughlin was asked what he would take away from the results of the poll.

“The make america great again movement is the conservative movement,” he said.

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Congressman Jim Jordan said Trump is leader of conservative movement and supports 2024 run

Congressman Jim Jordan said he looks forward to Donald Trump running again in 2024. Mr Jordan said Mr Trump was the leader of the conservative movement, the Republican party, and that he looks forward to celebrating his second electoral victory on Jan 21, 2024. Mr Trump has not officially announced a second run. Mr Jordan’s comments were meant with rapturous applause and chants of “USA.”

Graig Graziosi28 February 2021 20:16

CPAC uses “Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire” analogy to describe different types of Black conservatives

Shemeka Michelle, a Black conservative commentator, spoke on a CPAC panel discussing race representation within the Republican party, and used a “Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire” analogy to explain why she believed the party needed to embrace different types of Black conservatives. “Carlton could go to Bel-Aire and talk to the people of Bel-Aire all day long, but you could not send Carlton to Philly to talk to those people. You would have had to send Will to talk to the people who had the same life experiences that Will had, so when it comes to being conservative, stop propping up Carlton Banks thinking Carlton is going to be the one who’ll be able to communicate with the Wills of the conservative party,” she said. “You’re going to have to prop up the Wills so they can speak the language the people understand and share experiences with.”

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Trump supporters gather in Orlando ahead of the former president’s first public speech since leaving office

Supporters of former President Donald Trump are gathering outside the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida – the site of CPAC – ahead of his scheduled speech later today. Aerial footage of the event captured by local news outlet WESH 2 captured a group of individuals gathering on the sidewalks outside of CPAC, flying a variety of flags, including Trump flags.

Another video showed a field of Trump supporters flying flags and gathered in Trump apparel waving flags as they awaited the former president’s arrival.

Graig Graziosi28 February 2021 20:04

Sen Rick Scott says Republican party is “voters’” party, not Trump’s

Sen. Rick Scott appeared on Fox News to discuss the future of the Republican party and declined to say that the party was Donald Trump’s.

Mr Wallace asked Mr Scott if the Republican party is “still Donald Trump’s party.” Mr Scott said “it’s the voters’ party” and that it “always has been.” The senator’s comments directly oppose the claim made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said the party belonged to Mr Trump. Mr Scott has been adamantly claiming that there is no civil war within the Republican party, despite current inter-party fighting over Mr Trump’s role in the future of the nation’s conservative politics.

Graig Graziosi28 February 2021 19:43