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Petition to remove Cuomo as New York governor nears 200k signatures

An online petition advocating the removal of New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been signed by almost 200,000 people.

The petition cites “multiple reasons” for the governor’s removal.

Organisers list them as: “Sexual Harassment [of] Employees. Not being Honest about Nursing Home deaths and the passing [of] the ‘New Bail Law’ which releases convicted criminals that should be serving life sentences back into [the] general population.”

Started a year ago, the petition sat stalled at 10,000 signatures for some time before a surge in signatures as more information came to light regarding deaths in care homes for the elderly and the beginnings of sexual harassment allegations.

A month ago it hit 150,000 signatures and has since climbed past 185,500.

Governor Cuomo faces detailed accusations from six women that he sexually harassed them. A seventh incident involving an unnamed victim has been referred to Albany police.

A number of prominent Democrats have called for his resignation including member of New York’s congressional delegation including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jerrold Nadler, and Jamaal Bowman.

Mr Cuomo hit out at the politicians who have called for him to resign over the allegations and urged people to let the review into his behaviour conclude.

“People know the difference between playing politics, bowing to cancel culture and the truth. Let the review proceed. I’m not going to resign,” he added.