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Miami building collapse: Rescuers say they can hear ‘what sounds like banging’ as they search for missing 99

Rescue crews using soar to search for survivors revealed they hear what could be people “banging” beneath the rubble of the collapsed apartment building in Miami.

Assistant chief of operations Ray Jadallah told reporters that the sonar sound devices from various areas inside the debris have detected signs that could potentially be from some of the 99 people still missing.

“We did receive sounds, not necessarily people talking, but sounds,” Mr Jadallah said.

“What sounds like people banging, well not people but sounds of a possibility of a banging, short of that we haven’t heard any voices coming from the pile.”

While 102 people have been “accounted for”, authorities said the number of missing could increase from the current figure of “at least” 99.

There were 35 victims rescued from the structure and two from the rubble, with 11 treated for injuries and four transported to hospital. There is one confirmed death so far.

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