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Tom Brady video bewilders fans who call it ‘fake’

Tom Brady is known for his passing accuracy but his latest Twitter post has some fans raising their eyebrows.

A video posted across his social media showed the 43-year-old throwing pinpoint passes at a machine that returned them back to him.

However, it looked too good to be true and eagle-eyed Twitter users were immediately suspicious with one posting “That fake Tom Brady video is DAMN GOOD”.

In the video, which has amassed more than 9 million views so far, Brady tagged filmmaker, Ari Fararooy, who in his own post listed the credits for the clip.

Amongst those tagged is a design and animation studio based in Los Angeles called Warm & Fuzzy, which is credited with putting together the CGI effects, solving the mystery of the superhuman accuracy.

NFL journalist, Albert Breer, also said on The MMQB: “I think that’s fake. In fact, I was told it is.”

The Tampa Bay quarterback, who is also the reigning Super Bowl MVP, and widely considered the greatest player in NFL history, is heading back to training camp this week.

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Brady, who is married to supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, is entering the season aiming to break his own record of most Super Bowl wins by an individual player.