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Woman’s Traumatic, Year-Long Domestic Abuse Experience Goes Viral, Warns Ladies to “Be Careful”

Domestic abuse in any form is no laughing matter. In many cases, the long-term damage inflicted on the individual(s) is irreparable, be it emotional, physical or mental.

One particular woman’s story and her warning to others has touched thousands of people across social media who all want to help raise awareness.

Dominique Brown Hart took to Facebook yesterday morning to share her troubling story of domestic violence. Hart endured physical and mental abuse from her mate for one whole year. Despite the many undeserved beatings, she genuinely thought her ex-boyfriend loved her, so she kept going.

Throughout her relationship with the man, whom she did not identify, Hart says she suffered multiple injuries. On more than one occasion, her ex busted her nose, blackened her eyes, put knots on the back of her head and bruised her ribs.

Though he would apologize and promise not to ever do it again, Hart says each subsequent beating was ten times worse than the one before it. She recalls times where it was so bad that she tried to kill herself.

If the constant fear of physical and verbal abuse was not enough, Hart’s ex reportedly would not allow her to go outside or have any friends. According to Hart, her then-boyfriend was still hurting from a previous relationship and would get drunk and take it out on her.

Hart concludes her post with a clear message: These men will treat you nice and act like they love, but they don’t. No matter how many times he told her he would change, he never did, so don’t be fooled.

Although the pain she felt over the course of the last 12 months is apparent, Hart’s outlook on the coming year remains bright. She looks forward to her regained freedom and doing better for herself.

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