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Hotel of the week: Mountain Light Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina

Each week, we spotlight a hotel recommended by some of the industry’s top travel writers. This week’s pick is Mountain Light Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina.

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This pay-what-you-want sanctuary in the Pisgah National Forest has a hippie vibe “that’s pretty dang endearing,” said Jen Tota McGiv­ney at Thrillist. Though you might not buy the owner‘s claim that fairies roam the grounds, “it’s harder to deny the inherent magic of this place.”

The 18 rustic shelters range from Merlinwood (a canopied bed in the forest) to Frodo’s (a comfy stone cottage with electricity), while suggested donations run from $20 to $80. Guests come to unplug, not party — alcohol and drugs are forbidden. Overheard during my stay: “Is that lute music too loud for you?”

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