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Twitter announces ‘stunning policy reversal’ after New York Post article block

Thursday night was supposed to be the second presidential debate, but instead we got dueling town halls, Jimmy Kimmel said on ABC’s Kimmel Live. “NBC pulled a very sneaky move. After Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate, they swooped in and gave him his own hour opposite Joe Biden, and while many are wondering why NBC would schedule this at the same time as Biden’s town hall,” he said, “the answer to the question is: NBC sucks.”

“Even though Trump spent a lot of this afternoon cryptically claiming that NBC was setting him up with this town hall, it was a beautiful reunion,” Kimmel said. “Seeing him back in prime time was like taking a time machine back to 2004, when he was just a blowhard reality TV host and nothing more.” He showed highlights from Trump’s recent rallies: “This guy — I know we know he is nuts, but he’s nuts.” And he’s mad at his “criminally deferential” attorney general, Kimmel added. “Bill Barr was supposed to deliver Trump’s big October surprise, but it turned out the surprise was that there was no surprise at all. So who knows what Trump will try to get out there now. My big fear is we haven’t even reached the part of this presidency they’re going to teach our kids about in school in 30 years.”

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“With three weeks to go until Election Day and millions of votes already cast, coronavirus remains the top issue for America,” Trevor Noah said at The Daily Show. “And any normal president would be laser-focused on getting corona under control, helping businesses stay afloat, keeping schools open. But Donald Trump is not a normal president,” so he’s talking about Hunter Biden trying to pronounce Burisma. “Honestly, it’s insane that Trump’s people are even going after Biden by targeting his son,” he said, pointing to Eric and Don Jr. “If these were my sons, I’d maintain a strict kids-are-off-limits policy.”

The new Hunter Biden allegations are pretty sketchy, Noah explained. “Really, hacked Russian emails? Again? You’re just gonna reuse the same October surprise as last election? It’s called an October surprise, not an October hey-I-know-this-one.” But Trump is also “still looking around for new material,” he added, and he retweeted a doozy. Watch below. Peter Weber

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