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The daily gossip: Kim Kardashian seems unaware that there are people that are dying, celebs get quirky with their get-out-the-vote pitches, and more

When lockdown hit the U.S. in March, Anne Hathaway’s coping instincts took over. But they weren’t great, she admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! First, the actress put tiny, expensive tape around light switches and door knobs in her home as a reminder to everyone to wash their hands. But the tape just peeled off the wall for months, eliciting laughter from her husband. “That wasn’t even the stupidest thing that I did,” Hathaway said. “I was so, I think, freaked out about everything that I convinced myself that if just wore a pair of sensible heels, everything would be fine.” So she did, and it was not. “It was a really dumb feeling and it lasted exactly five hours.” We all have our irrational ways of coping, Anne. [E! Online]

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