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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), held simultaneous events in Pennsylvania on Monday night, a battleground state that President Trump narrowly won in 2016.

Biden held a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh, where he told the audience if elected, he will address income inequality and racial injustice and ensure that more people have access to health care. The polls show Biden leading Trump in Pennsylvania, and he said he has “a feeling we’re coming together for a big win tomorrow.”

During an earlier event, Biden said the country is at “one of those inflection points. This is going to be more than just who governs the next four years. What happens now, what happens tomorrow, is going to determine what this country looks like for a couple of generations.”

While Biden campaigned in Pittsburgh, Harris was in Philadelphia, where she told voters the Democratic ticket “will confront, not condone white supremacy and fight for economic justice, no matter your ZIP code or your race. And Pennsylvania, we will begin the work of healing.”

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When it comes to COVID-19, which has left more than 230,000 Americans dead, Trump has “failed to lead,” Harris said, but Biden will expand testing as well as the Affordable Care Act. “We’re looking at over nine million people who have contracted the virus, and we know it’s hitting communities of color the hardest,” she said. “Latinos are contracting COVID at three times the rate of others, Black folks are dying at twice the rate of others.”

Biden will stay in Pennsylvania, with plans to campaign in Scranton and Philadelphia on Election Day. Catherine Garcia