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The daily gossip: Lil Nas X drops a Christmas song, McDreamy is back, and more

Lockdown got you down? Pandemic cramping your style? Here’s a solution: Stage a “party scene” for your movie, and go wild. That’s what the 200-person cast and crew of The Matrix 4 did in Germany, which is currently under lockdown. The revelers “were treated to a pyrotechnics and dance performance, a DJ playing on a packed dance floor, tattoo stations inside caravans, several bars serving wine and sake, a sushi and dessert station (sans red or blue pills), and cushioned Bedouin tents,” Page Six reports. Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend were spotted at the party, though there was no filming actually going on. The bash was reportedly given the code name “ice cream team event,” which would be almost funny, if there weren’t 1.3 million people dead from COVID-19. [Page Six]

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