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The daily gossip: People can’t get over this woman shushing Gayle King, Tiger Woods’ former mistress is finally speaking out, and more


The internet was rightfully appalled on Friday by the Woman Who Dared Shush Gayle King. Miya Ponsetto, 22, was previously known as “SoHo Karen” after she attacked a 14-year-old Black boy at a hotel in New York City, believing he’d stolen her cell phone (long story short: he didn’t). On Friday, Ponsetto had the opportunity to explain herself to CBS This Morning‘s King, but instead argued “I consider myself to be super sweet” and claimed she didn’t intend to make the boy “feel some sort of inferior way.” King patiently tried to prompt Ponsetto toward an acknowledgment of the trauma she may have inflicted on the young teenager, only for Ponsetto to put out her hand and shush the legendary host with a startling: “Alright, Gayle, enough.” The audacity! [Just Jared, CBS This Morning]


Tiger Woods’ former mistress, Rachel Uchitel, will appear in the upcoming documentary about the famous golfer, Tiger, on HBO. “I have been silent for over a decade now, and I felt that it was really important to me to speak only once in my life because I have spent all these years letting people think what they want to think and say what they want to say,” Uchitel, now 45, told Extra. Woods was famously linked to having an affair with a New York nightclub manager — Uchitel — in 2009, a scandal that was followed by more than half a dozen women admitting to trysts with the athlete and ultimately cratering his career. Uchitel was so vilified in the aftermath that she told Extra even Monica Lewinsky reached out to her in understanding. [Extra]


Karlie Kloss tried, but apparently not hard enough for Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson! After Kloss told fans that she attempted to talk to her brother- and sister-in-law, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, about how attempting a coup is bad, Gevinson went off on Instagram. “What [Kloss] meant to say is: ‘I have no real interest in using my political power so much as maintaining a watery “feminist” liberal brand while protecting my ties to the Trumps and Kushners and vaguely claiming “I’ve tried” to change their minds,'” Gevinson wrote. The actress went on to label Kloss as a “Resistance Barbie,” which is ruthless but also very funny. [Jezebel]


Xena, the Warrior Princess, has slayed Hercules on Twitter. Earlier this week, Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo showed excitement about “those storming the Capitol,” only to abruptly change his mind and decide, despite all evidence to the contrary, that it was “ANTIFA … dressed as Trump supporters.” He followed up his nonsense by quote-tweeting a conspiracy theory asserting the Capitol storming was done by “Leftist agitators,” writing in agreement: “They don’t look like patriots to me…” Xena actress Lucy Lawless set him straight: “No, Peanut,” she told him. “They are not Patriots. They are your flying monkeys, homegrown terrorists, QAnon actors. They are the douchebags that go out and do the evil bidding of people like you who like to wind them up like toys and let them do their worst.” Queen. [Vulture]


Many great entertainers changed their names: Mindy Kaling was born Vera Mindy Chokalingam, Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson, and Bruno Mars was initially called Peter Gene Hernandez (even Meghan Markle’s real first name is actually … Rachel). Sigourney Weaver is another great of the industry who changed her name at the age of 14. Born Susan Weaver, the Alien actress found the name “Sigourney” in a copy of The Great Gatsby and — not incorrectly! — decided it suited her better than cute nicknames like Sue and Susie. “And look,” Weaver joked to InStyle, “now some people call me Siggy, which is just like Susie. You can’t escape your destiny.” [InStyle]

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