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The daily gossip: Kylie Jenner’s charitable donation went awry, Ana de Armas seemingly denies getting back with Ben Affleck, and more


Kylie Jenner is worth nearly $1 billion, so when makeup artist Samuel Rauda needed some help with medical bills, she naturally decided to swoop in and … ask fans to help pay them? Jenner drew social media backlash after urging her Instagram followers to head over to Rauda’s family’s GoFundMe, which was seeking to raise money to cover medical expenses following a recent accident. Jenner apparently threw in a whopping $5,000, but Page Six reports she thought this would “put the total over the desired amount.” However, the goal has since significantly increased, making her donation and appeal to non-billionaire fans look less than generous. [USA Today, CNN]


This just in: love is, apparently, still dead, as Ana de Armas has seemingly shot down speculation that she and Ben Affleck have gotten back together. Fans were hopeful after the Knives Out star wore a half-heart necklace in an Instagram selfie — Affleck had been seen wearing the other half during their romance last year. But amid speculation that they patched things up, the actress simply tweeted a screen full of GIFs declaring “nope,” “no,” and “I don’t think so.” If that means what we think it means, it looks like breaking out the Dunkin’ to celebrate their rekindled love was a bit premature — and Affleck won’t be needing a replacement cardboard cutout just yet. [Us Weekly, Vanity Fair]


We’ll take unlikely — and controversial — Jeopardy! hosts for $1,000. Dr. Mehmet Oz will step in as guest host of Jeopardy! for two weeks starting on Monday, and fans aren’t exactly psyched. The host of The Dr. Oz Show has been slammed for “promoting quack treatments and cures,” and some users on the Jeopardy! subreddit have declared they’ll skip his episodes. Other fans say they’ll reluctantly still watch to cheer on the contestants, but presumably will heckle their TV set the entire time. If the aim here was to pick a temporary guest host so ill-suited for Jeopardy! that the actual permanent successor to Alex Trebek — probably Ken Jennings — looks better by comparison, then, well, mission accomplished. [The Week]


For those just joining us in the 2021 Oscar race, yes, Sacha Baron Cohen’s sequel to Borat is a legitimate contender for more than one Academy Award. The Writers Guild of America Awards were given out on Sunday, and Promising Young Woman and Borat Subsequent Moviefilm won Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay, respectively. That gives both films a better shot at picking up the equivalent screenplay Oscars. To be fair, Borat didn’t have to compete against Nomadland, which wasn’t eligible at the WGAs and might end up winning the adapted screenplay Oscar. Still, the possibility of hearing “and the Oscar goes to … Borat” next month is far from off the table. [The Week, The New York Times]


Ellen DeGeneres’ show has reportedly lost over a million viewers since September, when she opened her new season with an apology over accusations of a toxic work environment. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has reportedly averaged 1.5 million viewers over the last six months, down from 2.6 million during that stretch a year before. That, The New York Times brutally notes, means she’s now “uncomfortably close” in terms of viewership to the show hosted by Steve Wilkos, former Jerry Springer security guard. So if DeGeneres ever wants to tell you that her show hasn’t been down in the ratings, feel free to respond, “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen.” [The New York Times]

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