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GOP Sen. John Kennedy grilled Stacey Abrams on Georgia voting law, and Democrats are glad he did

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) as Georgia voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams if she could list the specific things she objects to in Georgia’s restrictive new voting law. She could. “It’s a long list,” the Senate Democrats’ Twitter account said, helping the exchange go viral on Wednesday. Kennedy and Abrams are both very smart lawyers who graduated at the top of their class at elite universities, MSNBC’s Brian Williams noted Wednesday night, setting up the clip.

“Is that everything?” Kennedy asked about 90 seconds into Abrams’ recitation. “No it is not, no sir,” she replied, laughing. We never find out where her list ended, though, because Kennedy finally threw in the towel. “Okay, I get the idea,” he said “I get the idea.”

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