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Lorde is rating onion rings again

Big news for the onion ring world: New Zealand singer Lorde has updated her foodstagram account, @onionringsworldwide, for the first time in 2021.

“Yoosh lads back with another ring post …” she wrote in her latest review, adding: “these were from the Hotel Ponsonby establishment, we’re talking PICKLED onion rings which is a first for this reviewer.” Lorde said that while she vibed with the concept, “I think if you’re gonna go there, go there, and let acidity rather than sweetness dominate.”

True enough. But according to Lorde, the rings had “absolutely sensational batter, perhaps the best I’ve tried,” so she gave it a “4/5 overall ringsperience.” Not everything can be a Tennessee tempura onion ring, after all.

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