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Cyber Realities’ Crime Alert: Newly Identifies Virus (NIV) Prevention

NIV attack to the human brain and nerve system

According to reliable sources and research relevant case studies, it is ensured that tere a new virus has been appeared in the cyber realities. It’s a newly identified virus (NIV).

It’s​ enter into device throw internet connection with any source of contents & data. But normally NIV don’t harm device or any system in device but it’s secretly enter & stay in device and produced frequencies to thrust soundless wave to the ear then the shock reach to brainside through the earphone/headphone tools & accessories.

NIV attack normally don’t harm electronics device connected internet which through it’s assault a device user but it’s can injure & damage human physical & psychological nature.

The Newly Identified Virus (NIV) is very dangerous for cyber & reality of human life. Because it’s attack directly to human brain and nerve system.

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