Adae Kese Festival :

This is a very important, celebration of the Ashanti’s. It is held in a large open space in the capital city of Kumasi. The festival is normally well attendd and embraced by Ashanti’s from all walks of life, celebrated 1st weel of January. It provides a platform for the King to meet and share his thoughts with his sub-chiefs and subjects and also reward deserving ones. This Festival is celebrated every six weeks in accordance with the Akan calendar, which is based on a cycle of forty-two days and nine months in a year. Invariably, the last Akwasidae festival is set aside for the celebration of Adae Kese. It is usually held to climax celebration of specific milestone and achievements of the Asante kingdom. The event is marked in two phases. There are solemn private observances, which are performed at the King’s palace chambers by accredited members of the royal family and other functionaries. The second phase is a public celebration, that takes the form of a colourful durbar of chiefs and queen mothers preside over by the Asantehene. It involves the display of cherished regalia and paraphernalia accompanied by traditional drumming and dancing as well as firing of musketry amidst pomp and pageantry

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