Ancient Amowi Caves

Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is located along the way between Techiman and Kintampo. It is Ghana’s most famous example of traditional African conservation. The sanctuary is nestled in between the two villages of Boabeng and Fiema. For more than 150 years people of Boabeng and Fiema have considered the monkeys sacred. The traditional beliefes in both communities prohibit physical harm to the monkeys. There are two types monkeys, the campbell’s Mona forest Monkeys, which number about 500 in the sanctuary and are brown in colour. These monkeys can be seen trying to steal food from local kitchens. The Geoffry’ Pied Columbus Monkey, are black and white in colour and are about 200 in sanctuary. Early in the morning, visitors can hear them calling loudly to one another. Despite their sacred status within Boabeng and Fiema, these monkeys do not enjoy this status in many other places around the world; they are currently listed as vulnerable internationally and likey to become endangered if the present rate of habitat change and hunting continues. Boabeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary is the only place in Africa where one can easily view this species in their numbers.

You can amble through trails in the lush forest, led by a tour guide watching for monkeys on the ground and in the canopy of the trees above. You will see a variety of butterflies, birds and over 90 identified species of trees. The guide will also lead you on a tour of the villages where you can see monkeys interacting with people. You will see monkeys on the ground, op roofs, jumping from house to house , and in the courtyards of homes. You may also explore the villages on your own after the initial guided tour. Please respect local people when exploring the villages.

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