Telecoms / Post Office -

IDD service is available in most parts of the country. Country code [233] Outgoing International code [00] just buy a Ghana Telecom prepaid card and make you calls from any phone in any part of the country. There are also other private prepaid cards that offer cheap calling rates. The rechargeable DIRECT calling card used on fixed lines and pay phones is highly recommended. For internal calls every region has its own area code. Check from Surf Ghana Business Directory. Ghana Post has been empowered by law to be responsible for the routine acceptance, collection and safe delivery of ordinary mails to anywhere in the world, ask for the directions to your local Post Office The main post offices are located on the Map but for the contact information of all other post offices in Accra See the Ghana Post advert. There are also a number of international reliable delivery companies. Count on DHL, EMS ect.
There are several Internet cafes that will enable you keep in touch with the rest of the world. [True Internet] – Busy Internet.

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