Welcome to Accra

Accra, the capital and largest city in the country is situated on the Atlantic Coast about 25km west of the Greenwich Meridian. It has a population estimated at about 3 million and this consists of the Ga-Adangbe[the indigenous folk] and many other ethnic groups.

It is relatively a modern city with a few high-rise buildings however the urban landscape is till that of a developing city. One can still find some old colonial building especially close to the castle [the seat of government] in Osu, Jamestown, Chorkor etc.

Its main roads are mostly first class roads and it is very easy to move around. Some of the streets however still remain scruffy lanes, lined with open sewers and are untarred (especially towards the outskirts). The city also still has pockets of unplanned sections, which some areas noisy and sometimes chaotic in activity. Its is however a safe and relaxing city.

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