Even though Ghana has not got a one drop-dead, big name attraction, the sort of place other tourist or friends will say you have to see once in a life time, say the Kilamanjaro Mountains or the Victoria Falls, due to Ghana's historical attractions. Some of these include Powerful Ancient Kingdoms, it's kings and festivals.

There are some natural attractions, which include long sketches of coastal lands with bone-white beaches,stringed along with the Slave trade sites i.e. 500-year-old Castles and forts, wildlife reserves, national parks etc.

Reserves, Animals and Bird Life:

The Country has about eighteen dedicated reserves, an exciting array of wildlife which includes 50 species of rodents, 74 species of bats, 20 species of canivores,- among them seven species of mongooses-4 anteaters, 6 species of shrews and 16 monkeys, a total of about 222 species of mammals. There are also another 850 varieties of butterfly, some 90 species of snakes, and over 700 bird species, some migrating over 11,000 km from Indonesia to the keta area in the Volta Region.

Ghana is a bird- watchers' haven, the following sights along the coast have been designated as Ramsar International Protected Sites for bird watching. [ Esiama Lagoon, Muni Lagoon, Panbros ,Densu Delta, Sakumo Lagoon, Songor Lagoon, Keta Lagoon]


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