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Guys: Check Out How To Win The Heart Of A Classy Ghanaian Career Woman

But the problem is that most guys either fail at getting their attention or we just haven’t got the confidence to approach and start something with these class of ladies.

They may look intimidating and all but the fact is, they also need a man in their lives. Of course there are some who do not have that in their plans so it’s quite natural that no matter what you do, they wont look your way.

That being said, for those who will like the comfort of a man, they are not looking for just any man. He needs to look good, work, be confident, eloquent and most importantly, have his eyes off her money.

To win the heart of a classy career lady, you need to do a lot of work and prove yourself before she’ll allow you into her life. Simply because she wouldn’t want you to come in and mess up what she has built. It’s mostly not an easy road because you’ll have to cross barriers of her friends, job, status, attitude and time before you can make any progress with her.

It looks like a daunting task but hey, you can be that lucky guy if you follow these simple tips. Below are 10 tips to nail that classy, career lady. Enjoy:

1. Speak Well

What you need to understand is that these ladies have attained a certain status and require a certain kind of man. So in your interaction with her, you need to be confident and intelligent in your conversation. You can’t go to her with broken english or street slang. You need to speak well. You need to make sense with what you say, you need to be intelligent with your sentences. Just have command over the language you use in your interaction with her. Any how you try to strike some kind of conversation with her, she’ll ask you question so be prepared to answer them confidently without hesitation.

2. Be A Gentleman

If you want to buy her a drink, be a gentleman about it. You need to understand that she can buy her own drink so don’t come along as being cocky in your approach. Never send anyone over with a drink for her, approach her, strike a conversation and then politely but confidently ask to buy her a drink. Instead of saying; “Can I buy you a drink”, you can go like; “Will you mind sharing a drink with me?”. Lets say you meet her for business and you stepping out, never forget to open the door for her. Treat her good, let her see that you’re a well brought up guy. Open doors for her, pull chairs for her when you step out. This is what will make her look your way. However, never assume that she’ll give you her number or accept your friendship just because you bought her a drink. If you need to ask for her number, then you must have had some conversation going and she’s quite comfortable. Always, be a gentleman.

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2. Be Confident

A confident and decisive guy always wins the race. Being confident means every aspect of your life. From your clothes, to the way you walk, to the way you talk, you need to exude confidence. She’s classy and successful, she needs a MAN behind her not a boy, so show her your confidence. The problem with most guys is that they give up at the very first rejection. If you want to nail a career woman, you need to have that perseverance spirit. She has come in contact with so many men of different classes, so if you want to be the one she says yes to, you need to be confident of yourself. When in her company, don’t show any sign of fear, stand upright, don’t slouch, shake her hand with a firm grip. Don’t show any sign of inferiority complex. Own your environment. She’s a boss-woman so be a boss-man…..dasorrr

3. Dress Well

Clothes is very important in getting a classy career lady. Like mentioned earlier, she’s in a league of her own, running her business or doing her job and looking good all the time. You need to match her. Know how to dress for different occasions. Many guys befriend classy ladies but are unable to take it to the next level because they fail to match up. She’ll be cool as a friend if you wear your T’shirt and Jeans everyday but she wont be cool with it as your partner. That’s the difference. If it’s a suit you wearing, make sure you’re on point, be experimental, be confident, be different. Make sure they are clean and well ironed, watch your colors. In fact be smart. If you’re meeting her, make sure your shoes/ foot wears are clean. If they are shoes that require polishing, polish them. If they are washable, wash them. Look clean, gentle and smart. Clothes speak a lot about you so don’t let the opportunity to display your personality through your dressing, slip by.

4. Be Honest

You can’t win a career woman with lies, it wont work. Ask yourself, how long can you keep lying? Whether you’re meeting her for the first time, taking her out for the first time or already her friend, stay on the honest road. Be honest about what you do, don’t exaggerate, don’t say things to impress her because the goal here is not a one-night stand but a permanent partner. If she asks about your family, be honest and tell her what they do and everything. Don’t say your dad works as a consultant for some top company or owns some company just to impress. If she wants to know about your job, be honest. If you put up a front, trust me she’ll read into it and even though mostly they wont say anything, their decision about you will have been made and you would have lost out on her.

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5. Gain Her Friendship First

To win the heart of a classy, independent lady, you need to get her friendship first. Don’t just meet her for the first time and start hitting on her. She’ll reject you just like that. When you meet her, speak to her and obtain her trust. This will allow you to get to know her. Be her friend, put all the 5 tips above into play. Gain her friendship and trust before anything else. Remember, for a woman to accept your proposal, she needs to know you. That being said, you must also note that she’s a career woman and doesn’t have so much time to spare so gaining her friendship will allow you to show her bits of you in different ways.

6. Don’t Be Too Aggressive The First Time

You must know that she’s independent and has been like that for a while so she’s not going to take any aggression from you. She feels highly of herself and so you can’t gain her friendship or acquaintance by being aggressive. When you meet her for the first time and you feel you need to know her more, start off slow, Tip 5 is very important here, don’t rush by telling her how you want to be with her, it will throw her off. Introduce yourself, without any title, don’t sound arrogant, just be simple. Tell her your name. If she says ok without telling you hers, then you can proceed to ask her name. This is only if she’s not a very popular person. If she still doesn’t offer it, stay calm and proceed with a little chit chat. If she still doesn’t show interest, maintain your calmness. Never be aggressive, like pulling her for a dance, giving her your phone to type her number etc.

7. Patience

It’s never going to be easy winning the heart of a lady in this category. They can stretch you or ignore your advances for as long as they want but be patient, don’t give up easily. Your persistence will let her ask herself, why is this guy not leaving after all the brush-offs???What is so different about him? This will make her start looking in your direction. If you’ve already gained her friendship but she’s reluctant to accept your love proposal, don’t give up. Continue to be gentle, caring, loving and she’ll start looking your way. Know also that you have to contend with her job, friends and family so just have the heart to take it all in.

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8. Be Yourself

You can’t build anything on pretense. It’s therefore very important to be yourself. Don’t do or say what you are not capable of doing. In every encounter you have with her, be yourself. If you can’t eat a certain food, let her know when you go out. Don’t buy one suit to impress her cos then she’ll be expecting you to be in suit all the time. Be comfortable at all times. It’s better for her to accept you the way you are than for her to accept someone she assumes is your true self. This will eventually ruin your relationship with her. What you must have in mind is this, she is independent and very strong, if she accepts you, nothing will change her mind. So go ahead and show her your true self, let her fall in love with that person and you good.

9. Surprise Her

This is not something Ghanaian guys love to do but if you want to win the heart of a career woman, you need to do it. It doesn’t mean clear your bank account to buy her a present. She can possibly afford whatever she wants, so just be simple. She will go gaga if you buy her a car but she will also appreciate the flower you buy her, the jewelry, the birthday card, the pizza you ordered for her, the lunch you had sent to her, the newest gadget you got for her. Just do those little things for her and she will be yours.

Caution;only do this after you’ve gotten acquainted with her, else you’ll come off as a stalker and we don’t want that.

10. You Need To Work

This rule should have been first but I intentionally make it last for a reason. In order not to come off as a gold-digger, you need to be making your own money. You can’t win the heart of a career woman when you don’t have a job. It makes her feel like you’re after her money and she’ll not give you a chance. That being said, it doesn’t mean you need to be earning more than her or a lot of money. You only have to prove that you work. Once you work, the potential of you going up and making those big bucks is high which makes her feel comfortable.

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