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Check Out 16 Strange And Weird S3x Fetishes Out There You Probably Do Not Know

The lines are blurry between what exactly is a fetish, and what is just a bit of kink. Sometimes, the same thing can be either. Generally a fetish is more all-consuming. While someone who likes spanking now and then would be considered kinky, someone who can’t get off without it is in full-blown fetish mode.

Nobody is really sure why people have fetishes, but most of the speculation says that it is a result of old childhood memories or experiences that our brains have counter-intuitively come to associate with pleasure. Fetishes can be about feelings, like pain or tickling, or emotions like humiliation. They can be about domination or submission, clothing, objects, situations, tastes, smells… anything really where most people feel indifferent, discomfort, pain or disgust, fetishists have their wires crossed somewhere, and their brain reads those inputs as pleasure.

There are certainly some fetishes that are truly repulsive, dangerous, immoral or illegal, but most are harmless, no matter how weird. As long as they are practiced by consenting adults, do no long-term harm, and don’t involve animals or children, then they’re most likely okay.

So with that in mind, here it is: 16 Strange And Weird Sex Fetishes Out There You Probably Do Not Know.

#1 Every time someone messages you, a part of you expects it to be your ex.

It has been happening since the day you broke up. At first, any beep from your phone made you run across the room to check and see if it’s your ex. Gradually, it became a silent disappointment every time you realized it wasn’t them. As long as you are still expecting them to call, text or email you, you are still attached.

1. Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is probably the best known fetish. It is usually men who have this one, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. They just can’t get enough feet. This is a pretty minor one that doesn’t make finding a date too hard: it actually feels great having your toes sucked. A related, but separate fetish involves women’s shoes, either with a foot inside or not.

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2. Spanking Fetish

Another well-known fetish is spanking. Men and women can both have this and it can involve wanting to spank or be spanked. There are elements of pain and humiliation in it, as well as domination or submission. A little spanking during sex can be lots of fun, but fetishists are actually bending someone over their knee like a naughty child.

3. Infantilism

A very strange fetish, but one that is actually quite common is infantilism or adult babies. A man who has this fetish essentially role plays as a baby, with their partner acting as their mother or nanny. It can involve baby gibberish, bottles, pacifiers, cribs, and most commonly, wearing diapers. It must be hard for men to bring this one up with a new girlfriend.

4. Voyeurism

Voyeurism is enjoying spying on someone, usually either having sex or playing with themselves. It can be through a cracked door, through a window or via hidden camera. Consenting adults can set this up as a role playing game, but some people take it to a disgusting and even illegal peeping tom level. The idea of the hidden toilet cam gives most women nightmares. Ewww!

5. Tight Fit

Lots of people get off on tight fitting rubber, latex or leather suits. They may enjoy wearing it themselves or having their partners do so. It can be the look that does it for them, or the feel, smell and even taste. If you ever meet a guy who’s really into Catwoman, now you know why.

6. Furries

“Furries” are men or women who are attracted to humans with animal qualities. They are not zoophiles, the despicable people who rape animals. They just dress up in furry animal suits and have fuzzy sex with each other. Strange? Yes, but to each their own.

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BDSM or Bondage, Domination and submission, Sadism and Masochism is about power dynamics, and often pain. This is pretty common, and there’s a good chance you’ve dabbled in some minor stuff. Yes, those fuzzy pink handcuffs count! Hardcore devotees go all in for full on sex dungeons, much like the one in “50 Shades of Grey.” Yikes!

8. Balloon Fetish

Some people have a balloon fetish. Yes, they literally just like to have sex around balloons. The look, feel, smell and maybe even the sound of balloons just does it for them. Harmless enough, but you might not want to invite them to your kid’s birthday party.

9. Tickling Fetish

Tickling fetishes, yes, they’re a thing. You know that terribly uncomfortable feeling of being tickled? Some people just love being tickled or inducing the tickles with feathers, silks or even just bare hands.

10. Cuckolding fetish

Some men just want to see another guy sleep with their wife. This one is known as a cuckolding fetish and often involves added humiliation from the wife and her lover telling him how inadequate he is, as he watches from the sidelines. One man’s worst nightmare is another man’s fetish.

11. Urine Fetish

Peeing, watching someone pee, peeing on them, being peed on, peeing in your pants, there’s way more to urine fetishes than just golden showers. It can be the humiliation, smell, feel, and even the taste that turns the fetishist on! An embarrassing accident to most, a huge turn on to a select few.

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12. Hybristophilia

We’ve all known women who are attracted to the badboy types, but ladies with this fetish take it to another level. They are attracted to dangerous, hardened criminals, often those whose crimes and trials received media coverage. Believe it or not, serial killers actually get racy fan mail from these types.

13. Testicle Kicking Fetish

There are men who literally want their woman to be a ball buster. Yes, they get off on the pain of being kicked in the testicles. Some go beyond kicks, with slapping, squeezing and even tightening in a vice. For most guys, it hurts even thinking about it.

14. Acrotomophilia.

Another strange scientific name for another downright weird fetish: the love of amputees. Yes, there are people who just want a lover with a missing limb or two. What would make someone have a fetish for this? We’re stumped.

15. Blood Fetish

First off, it must be said that there’s nothing wrong with having sex while a woman is in her period. Most people however try not to think about the blood. For a select few fetishists though, the blood is the point. They are turned on by the feel, sight, smell and even the taste of blood, whether from a woman’s period or another source. Ewwww. Just ewwww.

16. Cannibalism Fetish

Cannibalism may be the epitome of horrifying fetishes. For many, it’s just a fantasy, though an extremely gross fantasy, but others take it beyond that. We’ll spare you the revolting details, but if you have a strong stomach, you can Google the Rotenburg cannibal.

The brief version: in 2001, two men met on an online cannibal fetish forum and agreed to have a consensual round of one of them cutting up and eating the other. We challenge you to find a more horrifying sexual fetish than that one. Wow!

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