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Wronged Girlfriend Attacks her Cheating Partner and his Mistress after Running into them at a Cafe

  • CCTV captured the scorned women ferociously attacking her unfaithful lover
  • She drags her rival to the ground, pulling her hair and swinging at her
  • The video, from Brazil, has been viewed more than 40 million times

This shocking video shows a jealous woman laying into her cheating partner and his other lover after discovering them together at a cafe.
The video has gone viral on social media, being watched more than 40 million times. It shows a brunette woman storming up to a man in a cafe somewhere in Brazil, who is chatting with a blonde and another woman.


Without any warning, the brunette punches the man in the side of the head and grabs the blonde’s hair, dragging her to the floor.
The man falls on top of the blonde and the brunette grabs his wrist and helps him up so she can continue her attack.

They scuffle off camera for a few seconds and the blonde stands and arms herself with one of the cafe’s red plastic chairs, thinking she will soon have to defend herself.
The man is struggling to calm down the brunette, thought to be his wronged girlfriend.

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Smackdown: The woman calmly walks up to the two before punching her boyfriend in the head
She then grabs her boyfriend’s mistress by her hair and savagely drags her to the ground

The escalating scuffle disappears off camera for a short while and then the man appears again, this time taking a beating from the irate blonde before she storms away.
None of the people in the video were identified, though it is thought the man is either married to or in a relationship with the brunette, who had discovered his adultery with the blonde.

Her boyfriend (right) fails to calm her down, while a confused cafe customer (left) quickly skirts out of the way

The girlfriend continues to flail wildly as a crowd of curious onlookers starts to gather
The video has so far gotten more than 52,000 comments.
‘Gisele Coelho Pedrosa Gisele Pedrosa’ wrote: ‘I have never understood why [wronged women] beat lovers and then get back with the husbands. If I were in that position, I would beat him, and only him’.
‘Simone Gomes’ said: ‘This is a stupid woman to go and pick a fight, even if he cheated on her. Women should know that they deserve respect and this is not the kind of respect she needs.’

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