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This Video Of A Nigerian Lawmaker Dancing Is The Coolest Thing You’d See Today

Every Nigerian knows that our lawmakers are characters.

From making outrageous comments to becoming musicians, Naija lawmakers are a breed by themselves. They’re so embroiled in one controversy or the other that we simply unlook most of the time. But sometimes, Nigerian lawmakers can also be cool.

Meet Maria Ude Nwachi.

Maria Ude Nwachi

Image: NigerianFilms

She is a member of the Ebonyi state House of Assembly. Nwachi represents Afikpo North East Constituency. When she is not making laws for her state, Maria peruses the latest tracks in town. This video of her dancing “Talk and Do” by Kcee featuring Uhuru and DJ Buckz is all shades of cool albeit with a tinge of funny.

She has got moves. You go girl!