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Kumasi Guy Charters An Entire VIP Bus For Himself To Prove To Accra Residents Sianos ‘Live Larger’ (Video)

We thought with the opening of the mall in Kumasi this silly contest would be over, but apparently not – a Kumasi resident has attempted to prove to those from Accra that ‘Sianos’ live larger than they do.

The gentleman in question, identified as Nana Kwame, chartered a VIP bus from Accra to Kumasi for himself, apparently being able to do that proves he’s ‘living large’.

He posted a video of himself on social media, talking smack about Accra.

He said he chartered the bus for Ghc 1,800, and that he has set a record in Ghanaian history.

This entire ‘contest’ originated from when Kumasi residents where mercilessly trolled when a new mall was opened in the city. Unhappy about it, they hit back to prove why Kumasi was better than Accra.

So – how did this guy do?