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Video: Yaa Pono’s Manager Slapped During Performance Of Shatta Diss Song ‘Gbee Naabu’

Tolerance doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of Shatta Wale and his fans, this isn’t the first time something like this is happening.

The manager of rapper Yaa Pono, Ashley Brobbey, allegedly got slapped by fans of Shatta Wale during his artiste’s performance of the hit Shatta diss ‘Gbee Naabu’.

Brobbey was filming Pono’s performance when a commotion from behind him made him disoriented. He claims he was physically assaulted by Shatta fans, although because it came from behind it wasn’t caught on camera for verification.

Pono was performing during Kasoa’s Sallah Festival.

The two stars went hard on each other in a recent beef which Pono is widely regarded to have won with ‘Gbee Naabu’. The song has since become toxic for Shatta and his fans, as his brother also reportedly assaulted DJ Lord on stage as he played the song during the 2017 Ghana Meets Naija.

Video below…

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