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Vlogger accidentally poisons herself on livestream by eating a plant she mistakenly thought was aloe vera

A Chinese vlogger accidentally poisoned herself live on camera. Ms Zhang, 26, was doing a live stream for something she termed “Aloe Vera Feast” in a bid to promote the benefits of eating raw aloe vera when she bit off a part of alarge plant, unaware that she was consuming Agave Americana, a poisonous plant. The video of the live show has been circulated online by various Chinese websites.

At the beginning of the video, Ms Zhang is heard saying “yum” and “this is great’ in her local language. As the clip progressed she complained about the taste, saying: “That’s bitter… that’s really bitter.”

Ms Zhang is reported to be in a stable condition now.

See the video below…

Soon after, things took a turn and Zhang realised there was a problem. Her mouth went numb and her throat felt as though it were on “fire”. She ended the live stream then and went to the hospital where she was told by the doctors that she had been eating Agave Americana, not aloe vera. The doctors also told her she was lucky to have arrived at the hospital quickly enough, else the consequences would have been grave.

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